Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Sweden’s premier nightclubs

The New Year’s Eve Parties will be back in the end of November 2017.

The countdown has begun. Soon, the party mood at Sweden’s two main city centres for entertainment will peak. A legendary tradition will be passed on Stureplan, Stockholm, and Avenyn, Gothenburg. It’s finally time to get ready for this year’s highly anticipated climax. When the dream of a magical New Year’s Eve is lived out with legendary passion in Swedens most renowned venues. Welcome to find your favorite nightclub and take your place in party history, along with New Year’s night’s most colorful companionships.


Getting your ticket

The New Year’s Eve Parties will be back in the end of November 2017.

After 51 party weekends of warming up, nothing can go wrong when we celebrate the end of the year at the clubs. However, you better get a ticket in time. Tickets are sold at Tickster.com. Please note that tickets to Berns only are available at Ticketmaster.se. Remember that it pays to buy tickets early, as prices increase the closer to New Year’s Eve we get. Read more about the tickets here.


Table reservation

A private table to gather around is never wrong when celebrating properly. Not least for this year’s biggest party night! For New Year, many tables are reserved since long, but please do not hesitate to make a request here if you wish to reserve a drinking table – and we will do our best to arrange it.



… the age limit applicable to each ticket and the requirement of tidy clothing. Purchased tickets are not refundable.